Wednesday, August 6, 2008

B.L.T. or Bust!

The older I get the younger I feel sometimes - let me explain. I look at my children when I tell them they can't have something, and you can just see those wheels a turning. They are concocting plans, and thinking of schemes to attain whatever it is I have told them they can't have. Well - I feel the same way. When that tomato scare was happening, and all you heard on the news was "you shouldn't eat tomatoes" - all I wanted were TOMATOES! Let's face it, I had been patiently waiting all winter to have my first summer B.L.T.! Oh I know I could make one with one of the plastic like red things the stores try to pass off in the winter - but I'm talking about a REAL tomato! You know the ones - even their skin smells of the garden. Well the scare was not quite over, but I had reached my boiling point. I couldn't wait any longer. Rindy's Inverse rule of Desirability had run its course. I was done!

My hubby had just been to San Fransico and had brought me back the biggest loaf of Sour Dough I have ever seen. I went down to my local farmers market and bought the yummiest bunch of tomotoes, grabbed my jar of Hellmann's and the rest was history. My itch was scratched, my tummy full and my heart was happy! Long live the B.L.T.! What food do you fix to get your fix?

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Prudy said...

This is Sailor writing to your daughter who came by my blog. Thank you for coming by to see my blog. If you get one going, let me know and I will come by and visit. It's so fun to have blogging friends. Do you like to cook? Maybe we could swap recipes?
Love, Sailor