Monday, August 18, 2008

A Prescription for a Great Teacher Luncheon!

What's good for your heart?
What's good for your soul?
A Back to School Lunch -
Or so I have been told

Your Prescription is written
And the dose is clear
All this good medicine
Makes a good year

The Doctor will see you:

It's that time of year again - when dutiful PTO parents start scouring websites to come up with fresh ideas on an old luncheon tradition. For two years my good friend Jennifer and I were in charge of all the teacher luncheons. We had so much fun letting our creative juices run wild. We laughed at where our inspiration would come from. This particular luncheon was inspired by the "Operation" notebooks. I found about 30 of them at a hardware store tent sale for 1 dollar each, and knew we had to have a theme that incorporated them into the decor. If you look closely - you can see just to the left of the notebook - we stuck the napkins and silverware in a surgical glove. The teacher favors - which were at each place setting - were plastic jugs we got at the dollar store and filled with granola bars, candy, paper clips, stamps, stickers and some other Misc. things each teacher could use getting the classroom ready for the kids. I whipped up the "Prescription" labels using some clip art and self adhesive computer paper.

As the teachers entered the room - there was a sign that stated "Just what the doctor ordered". The beverage stand also had laminated signs stating where to get their "Liquid Nutrition" and "The X-rays are in...Dominion Teachers get two thumbs up".

Very simple white table cloths were adorned with large red crosses and I made foam nurses hats to sit in the center. Our Pre-K and Kindergarten teachers took all the hats and play doctor sets to their classroom to use for indoor recess. It was a huge hit and most of all it let our teachers know what "Good Medicine" we think they are!

I almost forgot - Jennifer and I served them lunch in scrubs!


Sabrina said...

Rindy, your over the top creativity never ceases to amaze me. You cannot be out done! What a great team you and Jennifer make.

Anonymous said...

How timely this blog is and what lucky teachers to have such a team OPERATING in their school.