Monday, August 11, 2008

Happy Pancake Day!

Can you believe it? This morning I woke up and made one of my kids' favorite breakfast treats - Pancakes. I was into my third pancake when I flipped it over and this is what I saw- Mr. Happy Pancake face looking right at me. Of course I had to run and get my camera, show my kids and hubby, and jump for joy! Now how can you have a bad day when this is looking up at you from the breakfast skillet?


Lore said...

Hey Rindy,

I am planning to write a post on what I consider to be the most original August food photos. I will be posting the 10 photos on Culinarty (my blog) with a link back to the authors. This is actually the fourth edition of "10 Original Food Photos". I really like your happy pancake and I would very much like to include it in my post. Would that be ok with you?
Please let me know

Rindy R said...

Lore - My happy pancake is your happy pancake!
Post away!!!