Monday, January 25, 2010

Cancer, Cooking and Klique-ing!

Where have I been? That has been a question I have been hearing a lot lately. All I can say is I have been living! Living with my kids homework, with my dirty house, with carpooling, with my menu planning - and loving every minute of it! 3 years ago today - January 25, 2007 - my sweet little doctor called me and told me I had 5 cm of invasive cancer. 3 years ago today - I had to call my parents and tell them that their baby was taking an unexpected journey. 3 years ago I had to call my hubby while he was on a business trip and tell him he was taking this journey with me. 3 years ago today - I sat my 1st grader and 3rd grader down and told them their mommy had cancer - but just like their Gumma - I was going to kick "cancers" butt!

3 years ago, about a million thoughts were passing through my brain. One of which was that I needed to document some memories for my girls. I had done some scrapbooks for them - but I wasn't current - and those were mostly photos. I wanted them to have something tangible with my thoughts and memories. My good friend Robin of Big Red Kitchen had started her blog - and I determined - that was how I would share my recipes and memories of those recipes with my girls.

I have done that my friends. I have documented most of the recipes I cook on a regular basis. My mother has shared her memories of dishes she has made for me. I have connected with old friends, new friends, and made many blog friends along the way. Thanks to I was able to give each of my daughters a hard bound Kitchen Klique cookbook. They now are the proud owner of a 210 page book of recipes and memories.

They are 12 and almost 10 today and I am sure they do not appreciate what that book means - but someday - when I'm not here to give them that recipe for their Gumma's potato souffle or Aunt Ruthie's Blueberry Buckle - they will only need to turn to the index of the book to know that their mommy loved them so much.

Thank you for reading my blog. Thank you for leaving comments. Your company was the unexpected benefit for giving this gift to my daughters. You are in my Kitchen Klique!

So, for now, I am busy living life, I am busy loving my girls, and I am busy clowning around in my kitchen. I might stop by from time to time to say hello, share a recipe or tell you about my latest kitchen disaster, but for now - enjoy my older posts - and frankly - JUST ENJOY LIFE!

This was our Christmas photo this year. I've come a long way since that picture at the top. Thank you God - Your love is EXTRAVAGANT!

Last but not least - a big thanks to my mom and dad, Curt and Bobi Benton. Thank you for telling me I can do anything - and believing it! You are part of that Extravagant love God shows me every day!