Monday, August 4, 2008

Rindy's Greek Pasta Salad

I love Trader Joe! I admit it - I've told my hubby and he has come to terms with my love affair with "Joe". We don't live particularly close to one, but once in a while I make the trek to get my "Joe" fix. One of my family's favorite pasta salads is this Greek inspired concoction mostly made with Trader Joe ingredients. I try to have on hand at all times the four ingredients that make this luscious salad.

I simply boil 1 pound of tri-colored Trader Joe's pasta according to the box directions. Rinse off in cold water for 1 minute.
Throw in entire bottle of Artichoke Antipasto, 1 bottle, drained, Greek Kalamata Olives, and 1 can, drained, Artichoke Hearts.
Toss together and chill!

This would also be yummy with marinated Artichoke hearts, cherry tomatoes, or small marinated mozzerella balls. I have made this many ways and have yet to find a way I didn't enjoy it.

What would you put in this salad?


Geologychick said... fork to eat it all up!

Anonymous said...

it looks pretty delicious as is! though i am partial to cucumber and tomato in my pasta salad.

Anonymous said...

I'm going to try it with marinated mushrooms instead of the olives but I love the idea of tomatoes and cucumbers as one of your readers suggested.