Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Is your lunch drawer ready for school?

We just received our back- to- school packet and I have to ask.....Where has summer gone? I say this every year as I watch those beautiful days of summer FLY! In anticipation of school starting I decided to organize my school drawer. My friend Robin Sue, first introduced me to "The Drawer" and now I can't imagine fixing my girls lunch without it.

Top 5 Lunch items I can't live without:
5) Different size zip bags from grocery store and Michael's craft store. Beading bags come in handy for making small bags of M&M's, raisins, pretzels, or anything small that would get lost in a sandwich size zippy bag.
4)Small cutting boards you will see standing up on the right hand size of the drawer. I use these everyday to cut their sandwiches.
3) "Cutepicks" - sounds like toothpicks but a whole lot cuter. These picks have animals heads on them and I skewer little cherry tomatoes, fruits, or veggies! They are in the back left basket, front right.
2) Far right, next to the cutting boards, are the girls small thermoses. These are perfect for packing spaghetti, chili, or other hot things. As a matter of fact, they love cold things like apple yogurt salad in them as well.
1) The number one thing I love in this drawer is in the front left basket on the far right side. Can you see them. They are tiny little disposable spoons I got at the restaurant supply house. They are perfect for the girls to eat their apple sauce or fruit cups. They toss them with the cup, which makes for no mess in their lunch boxes!

My last little tip is for the kids juice boxes. I always pack them in a cute bottle cover so they don't sweat in their boxes. These fun Hawaiian shirts I found at Michael's craft store for 2 dollars.

Don't you love making the kids lunches when school least for the first 2 days :-)


Cheri said...

Great lunch drawer Rindy. I love the little spoons, gonna have to keep my eye out for some of those. I, too fix my kids lunch for school. It's cheaper and better for them. My other favorite thing to do is send a note. It's just a little something to let them know I'm thinking of them.

PaniniKathy said...

Those drink box covers are just too cute!! I was just at Michael's yesterday, I should have looked for these :-)