Saturday, July 12, 2008

Rindy's Inverse Rule of Desirability

Once a year my family heads up to the Catskill Mountains to stay with my folks. They own a cabin on White Lake N.Y. The big claim to fame in that area is 5 minutes down the road. Bethel N.Y. is the home of the original Woodstock Festival. For our family the claim to fame is a few towns over in Kohlertown, N.Y., Sal's Pizzeria! This is where "Rindy's Inverse Rule of Desirability" comes into play. This Theorem states that the further away you are from your favorite food - the more you desire it. I am away from what I feel is the best pizza on the face of the planet, 347 days a year. I long for this pizza. I try to duplicate this pizza. I dream about this pizza - and before I know it - I am back at the Cabin making a mad dash for my holy grail!

You would think by the way I am talking about it - reaching my destination would be like entering the Pearly Gates. That is true if heaven is paved with orange formica and a homemade sign greets you upon entering. I have to say though - if this sign is what I see when I take my last breath - I am RUNNING towards the light!!!!!

Thank you for making your pizza a little slice of heaven!


jenscloset said...

What a yummy blog you have! I love the picture of the egg when attempting to get it out of it's shell..that has happened to me so many times! I found your blog because I sell vintage on etsy and everyday I get a vintage google email..and there were your lovely tableclothes! Those are beautiful!

Rindy R said...

Jen - Thanks for the comments. I not only covet my mothers tablecloths - I also have a small addiction to chenille as well. I will definitely be checking your blog too! - good luck!