Friday, April 24, 2009

Race for the Cure - Making a Cupcake smile!

Just as my mom got ready for the Race for the Cure in Florida by baking up a batch of yummy cupcakes for her team meeting, I am getting into the Race Mode for the race in Washington D.C. June 6th. It is so wonderful to see people coming together to work for a cure for not only breast cancer but all cancers as we all benefit from on-going research. The Pelican Landing Pink Pelicans made their goal this year in spite of the economy. My mom showed me their team picture. This is a group that just started three years ago and I was astonished to see they have grown to 200 people.

My mother was brought to tears this year as they walked behind a family. Each one wore a tag on the back of their shirt. One said - He lost his wife, the next- I lost my mother, the next- I lost my grandmother, the next - I lost my sister, the next - I lost my neighbor and then others said - I lost my friend. This was only one person who had lost her battle but how great a loss it was. Those are reasons to Race for the Cure.

Three years ago was the first time I walked for a Cure. I had a fitting hair do for the day and held my head high as I crossed the finish line having just undergone one of my chemo treatments just two days prior.

This is a picture of "Rindy's Pink Posse" - the title I gave my support team. These ladies loved on me and my family throughout my entire cancer journey. That first year they walked for me, last year we walked for our mothers and daughters, and this year we are dedicating our race to a young teacher at my daughter's school. Ms. Chanel is young, energetic and beautiful and heard those crazy words - YOU HAVE CANCER on September of this past year. She has been a fantastic teacher throughout all her treatments and we're excited to get to show her some love this year.

If you would like more information on my team or the Susan G. Koman organization just click HERE!

Can you find the smiling cupcake in the picture above? Once we find a cure - I'm sure all the cupcakes will have smiles!


Anonymous said...

the cupcakes look like pink roses, great work!

sangeeta said...

i already find too many of them smiling........good work dear , keep it up.

Debbie said...

Rindy, I am supposed to be walking the 3-day, 60 mile walk... I have a button with a link on my blog.
Right now, tho, we are awaiting very pre-mature twin grandbabies, so my plans are on a semi-hold pattern for the walk. BUT, our team will be there. "Random Racks of Kindness"
In Seattle...this fall. My sister in law heads up the team. I'm very proud to be a part of her team.
Anyway.... I rambled, (it's hard for me to say wha I mean in a comment form) but.... Love the cupcakes!!

gluten free pammy said...

I am fighting breat right now year # 5!!, love the goodies, wonderful job!

Rachel said...

I noticed your blog on the "Foodie BlogRoll" and am so glad I stopped by! Your cupcakes are adorable and your story was so touching!

Sabrina said...

The cupcakes look awesome. But you are inspiring to all around you. You were (and still are) the example of peace and facing all with grace during your battle. I am so proud to call you friend.

Karen said...

Great work! It just seems that those hearing those dreaded words are getting younger all the time :(

noble pig said...

OMG I loved this post. So inspiring and you looked great! And the cupcakes...adorable.

Elyse said...

Rindy, your post nearly brought me to tears. It's so beautiful to see so many people getting together to fight for a cure. It's a true testament to the goodness in people that they can bond together like this. I'm so glad that you're dedicating your race this year to Ms. Chanel. My thoughts are with all of you! Good luck!