Monday, April 6, 2009

Easter Cross Craft

When my youngest was in first grade her teacher instructed her to bring one big box of matches, with the ends already burned, to school for an Easter project. This seemed strange to me but her teacher, Mrs. Lesher, was the sweetest teacher, and I knew an amazing project would be coming home. You can imagine how breathless I was when this popped out of her backpack just 2 short years ago. Her teacher had walked them through this craft and each child got to take home their own Easter Cross.

We always spend Spring Break with my mom and dad and I knew the only people who would appreciate this more then me - were my mom and dad. I asked Jensen if she wanted to give this to Gumma and Gumpa - she excitedly said YES - and I reluctantly let that beautiful cross out of my grip. However, the good news is...for the past two years my mom has displayed the Cross and it has welcomed us to Florida.

Celebrate what Easter is all about this year! Make a Cross of your own to cherish for years.

You'll find directions HERE!


Karen said...

Beautiful! I remember the same request from one of my daughter's teacher and she also came home with a cross but I don't remember it being as elaborate as this one.

noble pig said...

Wow that is quite amazing!

Did you have to light every match and blow it out?

Sheila said...

That is beautiful! I love the different shades the wooden matches have {especially the burnt ends}.

Robin Sue said...

That is beautiful! Hope you are having a great Spring Break!

Sabrina said...

So beautiful. It certainly doesn't look like a little girl made it. She must take after her crafty momma and gumma.

Elyse said...

Great job! What a beautiful creation.