Friday, April 10, 2009

Beach Friends: Make some Today!

We are spending Spring Break in Florida with my folks this year. As I was putting Logan, my oldest, to bed - she said she feels like she won the lottery having Gumma and Gumpa for a Grandma and Grandpa. I told her "How do you think I feel - they're my mom and dad"? I love them so much and in turn they LOVE my girls sooooo much. My mom, Gumma, told the girls that she had a mission this year when we went to the beach - we were making Beach Friends! We were up for the challenge so we started to gather our supplies.

The tide was very high, and as we started looking for shells and seaweed to make our "Friends" we ran into a herd of Heart Urchins. The lifeguards told us they had only seen these up on shore 3 other times. What a find! They are the white little shells that look like brains in the picture above. We were more excited because my mom would have a whole jar of them to add to her collection in the window!

As we gathered our "pallet" of supplies we tried to let our imagination flow like the waves.

The egg casings we found made perfect hair for our "Curly" girl.

This guy looks a little mad. Maybe his friend below stole his Easter Bonnet!

After the "Bonnet" theft - Dr. Phil made an appearance.

The rest of the people look like they know their fate - 2 minutes in the sand and their faces are gone.....

OH NO...


Logan made this side pony tail girl. She is happy - because we left her right there - for others to enjoy!

What a great day with Gumma making new "Friends" and memories!

We love you Gumma!


Scate said...

I called my mother's father "Bumba" - i just love fun names that kids use! looks like you had a great time at the beach!

Sheila said...

What fun and sweet memories. The beach is fabulous, but spending time with family makes it all the better. Your girls look like they love each other very much, too.

Thanks for sharing.

Elyse said...

Looks like you're having a fabulous time at the beach. Your mom and dad sound awesome. So glad you have more shells to add to your mom's corner. And these "beach friends," well, they look AWESOME!

Sabrina said...

That is so cool. Your mom is the BEST! I will try to remember to do this the next time we go to the beach.

Karen said...

What an adorable idea and the faces are SO expressive! Sounds like everyone is having fun!

amycaseycooks said...

I just love the beach. While growing up, my family spent many spring breaks onthe beaches of Florida. I remember making lots and lots of pictures in the sand. Have a great trip!