Friday, July 18, 2008

What is your Favorite Spice?

Do you have a favorite spice? You know when your spice cabinet is closed - there are hundreds of little conversations taking place. Can't you picture Oregano (in his Soprano-ish voice) saying "I'll bet onion powder is going to get picked next - and I'll take that bet for $400". The chicken bouillon is probably aggravating all of them by continually repeating "the cabinet is falling , the cabinet is falling", the lemon peel is wondering how she lost her clothes and the poppy seed container is spacing out in the corner. Mr. Oregano is right - chances are if I open my cabinet I am reaching for my onion powder, dill weed, or this little gem.

This is a Seasoned Salt that my girlfriend Lori introduced to me. I saw this little bottle sitting on her counter one day and she told me, "It is AMAZING" - she was right. Everything I put it on instantly turns into something scrumptious. The ingredient list on the back says it contains:
sea salt, fresh garlic, fresh basil, black pepper, fresh parsley, fresh rosemary, fresh nutmeg, fresh lemon peel.
With a list like that - you know it must be the most hated spice in the cabinet. Can't you hear them now - "Mother loves you best!" (They're right!)
What is your favorite spice?


Sarah said...

That spice sounds like heaven! Where did you find it? Thanks to you I am now going to think about my spices having conversations every time I open my spice cabinet...even though the favorite in mine is probably cinnamon (can you tell I bake more than anything else?).

Rindy R said...

Sarah - Thanks for stopping by! I get my BORSARI at Wegman's. The container says Borsari Food Co.
4357 Cowing Rd. Lakewood, N.Y. 14750.
716-763-3391. No web page. Cinnamon is a yummy guy too!

Anonymous said...

If only my spice cabinet looked half as organized. My spices must be exhausted! Some have literally expired and fallen down dead with no one to help them up while others seem to play musical chairs in my absence as they never seem to be where I think I put them. Order and organization are not my forte.

Elizabeth said...

I was intrigued by this seasoning,and since there are no Wegman's around me,I googled it.And you can order online! Thank you for introducing me to this.I can't wait to try it!

Rindy R said...

Elizabeth - Hope you love it as much as I do!

Robin Sue said...

First off, if I lived in your house, I would never be able to reach the cocoa and forget the curry even! My spices would be laughing at me, "Ha she always picks me fellas cuz I'm on the bottom shelf!" My favorite spice is dill. Or is that an herb? Then I'll pick cloves, love that smell, it equals Christmas.

Katie said...

I like cinnamon a lot & also just plain old black pepper. I really like mustard seeds because of how they pop when you cook them.

Great blog!

Rindy R said...

Robin - What you lack in height you make up for in tenacity! With pure "Sassiness" I'm sure you could reach anything!
Katie - I stopped by the Summertree Cafe and I love it. Thanks for coming into my "Klique"! If your this amazing at 14 - watch out world!

Y said...

Couldn't possibly name a favourite, or there could be mutiny in the cupboard :D

(psst..cinnamon, possibly...)