Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Gumpa's Chili Choice

When my mom and dad come for a visit the ladies oft times have many errands and lots of shopping to do. We need to accomplish this during school hours which leaves my dad to fend for himself. It is NOT a problem. Direct him to the Hormel Chili - No beans and a box of cheese crackers and he is one happy camper. Of course, he needs to be near a computer too, but at least lunch is covered!

We either have it over angel hair pasta topped with shredded cheddar or straight up with Cheez It crackers. I usually ask him "Would you like a little chili with your Cheez Its? The best part of the meal is him just being here!

Long live canned meat!!!! What is your favorite FAST lunch?


Kenya said...

Hi there, I just found your blog via the foodgawker website. I actually hate to admit this but my favorite quick snacks are:

1. White Castle cheeseburgers. There isn't a White Castle restaurant in the state where I live but the frozen ones provide a yummy replacement.

2. 4 Meat & Cheese Hot Pockets...don't judge me.

Oh processed meats and cheeses, how I grovel at your feet.

Rindy R said...

Kenya - I am so glad I have found a kindred spirit on the canned meat front! Love your choices as well!