Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Perfect Hot and Sweet Pickles

These are not your grandma's pickles! They are the perfect addition to spice up that tuna sandwich and add a little sweetness to any meal. Don't be intimidated by the size and amount of ingredients. These pickles won't last long. They make great gifts when divided into smaller jars!

1 gallon jar dill pickles (sliced). I try to get the thin sandwich slices.
Mix Together:
1 (5 lb) bag sugar
1/2 cup garlic flakes (or 8 oz jar minced garlic in juice)
1 small bottle Tabasco

Drain pickle jar in strainer overnight. You will be shocked how much liquid comes out of that baby!

In the morning, remove pickles from jar. Put pickles back in jar, layering with sugar mixture. Use entire 5lb bag of sugar. Believe it or not, all ingredients fit back in jar.

Fasten lid tightly. Turn bottle upside down, once a day for 5 days.

After day 5 - Enjoy, Share, and Devour!!! No need to refrigerate - so don't worry about having room in the fridge!


Robin Sue said...

Hi Everyone! I have had these pickles and let me tell you they are amazing!! The perfect gift I love to receive from Miss Rindy!

Rindy R said...

That is so sweet! I know what to get you for Christmas now!

Sam said...

I wonder if one could substitute honey for the sugar...and how much....

But they look great!

deliriumsnell said...

I just love pickles like these. Thanks for your post.

Jill said...

I love pickles and I'm certainly going to make these. I just want to be clear...they don't have to go in the fridge? Even after they are done?

Rindy R said...

Sam - you might have to be a honey farmer to have 5 pounds of sugar - but I'm sure they would be yummy!

deliriumsnell - Thanks - they cast a lovely spell on a tuna sandwich!

Jill - Nope - no need to refrigerate. It is the quantity of sugar that keeps them shelf stable - just like keeping jelly on the table. They go so fast anyway - no need to worry! Great question!

Geologychick said...

LOL! My mother-in-law just gave me this recipe because she brought these pickles on our camping trip. They are in my frig swimming in spicy/sweet goodness right now! Check out my blog!

Too funny! I can't wait til Saturday!

Rindy R said...

Geologychick - I have to sneak a taste each day! You know - just to make sure they are turning out all right - and because I can't stand the wait!! Good luck with your own batch!

Anonymous said...

I'm on a kick to use every item in my coffers. Including a 5lb jar of sandwich dills. Found you on Tastespotting.
Ok, tried the recipe. Fun to watch the sugar melt, turned out crunchy, but way too sweet and I'd already cut back to 4 lbs sugar.
Next time, 3lbs sugar, and a habanero for kick.

Anonymous said...

Hey...any idea how many calories are in a cup of these delicious pickles?