Thursday, July 10, 2008

"Coff" Pop

Like a "cough drop" - this frozen treat will soothe your needs on a summer day. I cannot trace when my addiction to coffee started but I am still on friendly terms with my "drug" dealer - my mother. Some of our favorite alone time has been spent sipping iced coffees and getting energized in preparation for a full day of shopping. This recipe originated when my "dealer" was helping me get my afternoon fix. My sweet mother had spied a full pot of left over coffee and knew that "black gold" shouldn't go to waste. She quickly made my coffee the way I love it - lot's of cream and sugar- and poured it into these neat popsicle holders. It was a good thing we were at her house - because my freezer is more like a complex jigsaw puzzle and there is no way that popsicle contraption would have fit!
I will be making more of these at my home, but will be using a small plastic Dixie cup with cling wrap over the top to hold the popsicle stick in place. I might have just enough room in my freezer for a few of them.

My kids LOVED these as well - I guess I've followed in my mothers footsteps! The "Business" lives on!

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