Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Field Trip: Frederick Maryland

My sweet friend, Merry (you remember - the girl who is as happy as her name) planned a field trip to Frederick Maryland on St. Patty's day. I am ashamed to say this, but in the 9 years I have lived in northern Virginia - I have only once ventured up to Frederick and it was to buy a cabinet - not to sight see and shop. Boy, was I in for a treat! Frederick is the cutest place on the face of the earth. If you ever plan to come to D.C. - Frederick would be a great side trip to take. In the above picture we were accosting random men on the street who were wearing kilts. That's just the kind of women we are - but lets be honest - what woman could really pass up a man in a skirt?

As we walked up Market street I could hear my friend Sarah shriek from the back of the pack. "That's Volt" she said. I have heard so much about that place - their food is supposed to be AMAZING. Merry chimed in and said when she had called up for a reservation there was a two month waiting list. I guess you know where we didn't eat lunch!

We walked on and admired the beautiful architecture. One building was more spectacular then the next.

The homes had doors on them as if to say "Look at me ladies - I put my lipstick on just for you".

We wondered what was the history behind each building. What treasures were still in their attics. What did their future hold...and then we got hungry and could care less about what gem was behind the next corner. We wanted food and Merry knew right where to take us.

The Tasting Room was this ADORABLE corner cafe with elegance written all over it! Everything on the menu looked better then the next. We all wanted someone else to start the ordering for fear of entree envy. I decided on the fish and chips purely for the amount of mayo I knew I would be able to consume with that lunch selection. What can I say - I love that "White Butter" as my girls call it.

Speaking of butter - check this out! The pats of butter came with what appeared to be Paprika initials on them. Even though they probably stood for "The Tasting Room" - I told everyone at the table it meant "To Rindy" and they were to keep their paws off!

Remember our mascot from our IKEA trip- Meredith? She came in very useful for this trip as well. This time it went a little something like "Meredith, of course you can have more bread". "Waiter - could we get some more bread for our table - this little lady loves it"! Waiter brings the bread - women devour bread in 2.3 seconds - women ask waiter for more bread - blame child. I love you Meredith!

The meal did not disappoint - and to be honest- I think it was the best fish and chips I have ever had. Those fresh cut fries were to die for and the tarter sauce - AMAZING!

Another field trip under our belts! Thank you Merry for planning such a perfect day. Can't wait to see what is next on the list.


Sabrina said...

I haven't been to Frederick either... now I will. Thanks for the tip. What a fun trip y'all had.

Robin Sue said...

Hmm I wonder what they wear under those kilts? Frederick looks very nice, will have to go sometime.

Anonymous said...

Oh my, sounds like my next trip to Virginia might include this trip too. I wonder if they line their streets with flowers in the summer time and if flags fly from the buildings and if bunnies hop out in the Spring to replace those kilts and if carolers stroll down the streets for the Christmas Holidays. Sounds to me like you might have some additional field trips to the same town. Two months advanced warning for Volts - umm, you better start making them now.

noble pig said...

See this is why California is not so exciting to me...I want old, cool buildings. I want to come there.

Elyse said...

Wow, Frederick is totally precious. Looks like you had great friends, great times, great food!! Not to mention, these are some great pictures!