Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Christmas Cards: An Extreme Sport!

I have no one to blame but myself. I understand this and have come to terms with the predicament I am now in. Let me explain.
When my daughter Logan was born I, like any new mother, wanted to share the precious moments I had with my daughter with family and friends. I came up with the little booklet you see above. I ran off nine little pictures on my computer, cut them up and compiled them into a little book. What you see in the above picture is 8 years worth of booklets. Everyone loves them and can't wait until the next edition. Every new year I am excited as well. Back then, I only had my little Logan, plenty of time on my hands and lots of pictures to share. Well as you can well imagine, my life now is far different! I'm happy when I get a day where I can do two consecutive loads of laundry. And although my time is limited the expectations have grown.

How to do Christmas cards - the extreme way!
1) Buy in bulk on Dec 26th - with 150 cards to send out - we need the price break!
2) Get your mind in the game before Thanksgiving break. We send our cards out the day after Thanksgiving. Get those addresses ready before Thanksgiving comes around.
3) Buy Christmas stamps at Post Office prior to Thanksgiving. Once you sit down to do them - you want all supplies on hand!
4) Run off 150 copies of "Booklet"
5) Buy Ribbon for Booklet assembly - make sure you check what color you did last year - you don't want to repeat!
6) Cut and assemble 25 "Booklets" a day during Thanksgiving Break.
7) Write, address, and stamp 25 cards a day during Thanksgiving Break.
8) When complete, compile list so you know who you sent a card to. There is nothing worse then getting a card in the mail and not remembering if you sent one to them! Always have a list to check! Comes in handy next year when doing step number 2.
9) Put in mailbox the day after Thanksgiving!

10) GIVE THANKS - Your cards are done! You may now get on with the 1003 other things you have to do this Holiday Season!


Anonymous said...

If you can take on that project you can take on anything. What is 1003 projects left when you have 2009 projects when the New Year starts. That is how you number your projects isn't it?

Cheri said...

I look forward to your special card every year. I'm always amazed at how creative you are. Thanks for being my friend and having my name on your list!