Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Best Hostess Gifts of the Season: Part 2

By far, my family's favorite game is Bananagrams! We have a contest every time we get together - and when we are not together we are honing our skills in anticipation of the next encounter!
This little cloth banana is filled with 144 tiles. It can be played with as little as 2 people or up to 8. You place all the tiles face down on a table. Depending on the number of people in the game you take tiles accordingly. The object of the game is to make all your tiles into words. The first one to do this is the winner. My girls are now 8 and 10 and I am continually impressed with the words they come up with to use their tiles. One of these days - they're going to beat me (but not if I can help it).

I have given this game MANY times as a hostess gift. I usually make a card on my computer that says "Thanks a Bunch", and put a picture of a monkey on the card. Another cute idea as shown in the picture above it to (first buy yourself the game) spell out "Thank you" or "Merry Christmas" or maybe even incorporate their names. Take a picture and attach it to the bag.

This is a gift that should be on everyone's list this holiday season - and won't you be the hero when you give it!

Tune in tomorrow for the third installment of the "Best Hostess Gifts of the Season"!

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Karen said...

Very cute idea for game-playing friends!