Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Best Hostess Gifts of the Season: Part 1

It's that time of year when the Holiday Party invitations start arriving in the mail. You may start thinking about what cookies your going to make for that cookie exchange you're going to, or what new side dish you're going to try when the in-laws come for Christmas dinner, or what on earth your going to get your kids for Christmas when they already own everything! I think of these things too, but I also wonder what hostess gift I'm going to take to my wonderful friends? Usually I try to do one type of gift a year and alter it just a little depending on the person hosting the party. Each day this week I will be posting one of my five favorite hostess gifts. Forget the wine this year - Think outside the box!

My first hostess gift idea is Popcorn and a movie. My favorite movie of all time is "The Magic of Ordinary Days" (Pictured first above). If I find a girlfriend who hasn't seen it - you can be sure they will be getting it for a hostess gift from me!
It is a sweet little romance set in the 1940's she is sure to love. Another great romance is "The Valley of Light". Set in a similar time period, this is a romance and also a to-die-for tear jerker.

Another movie I have loved is "The Love Letter". This is set in modern day but the romance takes place in the 1800's! You end up cheering for two people to fall in love who are in two different centuries - Strange but great!

And for that really great friend who is worth the three video hostess gift I recommend the "Sarah, Plain and Tall" series.
This series is sure to be loved by anyone who gets it. This would even make a lovely gift for the grandparent in your life who is trying to get rid of things and doesn't need one more "knick knack"!

With this hostess gift you can write a little note: When the party is over - RELAX and take it easy with popcorn and a movie.
Thanks for giving us such a special night - I hope this movie will give you a special night as well.

Tune in tomorrow for: Best Hostess Gifts of the Season: Part 2!


Sabrina said...

This is great. I love the movie suggestions. Are you going to get offended when I give it to you?

Robin Sue said...

Thanks, I needed some good movie recs! I haven't seen some of these so I may have to have a nice rental night for me!

Bobi said...

The best part about these videos is that I have been the recipient of all of them and more. I love watching them with you - second, third and fourth time and should we say how many for "Ordinary Days"?

Thanks - - It is a great idea for my "older friends". Off to Hallmark to make my purchase.

Karen said...

Wow, this is such a wonderful post! I've used popcorn & a DVD for exchange gifts before, but I'm not a movie watcher, so never really know if I'm including a good movie or not. I'm writing these down!