Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween is over...or is it?

This is the time to run right out and buy the left over Halloween decorations at a great price. If you are having guests for Thanksgiving many of the orange decorations will fit right into your theme. Plus the candies that are wrapped in fall colors are perfect for the dishes you set on your end tables during the Thanksgiving Holiday. My mom took advantage of the sales. She has a November Birthday party coming up for a neighbor and those cute little orange, silver, and black pails found in the dollar section of Target were reduced to a quarter a piece and they make perfect nut cups or candy favors. As you check out the Halloween items you will find lots of goodies that will enhance your Thanksgiving table so make haste.

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Robin Sue said...

Smart idea to get everything on the cheap. But were to put it all once I get it! Glad you are back from vacation- looked like lots of fun!