Friday, October 10, 2008

Lunch: Think INSIDE the box

OK moms and dads - let me see a show of hands of how many of you are already tired of making the kid's lunch?
Oh good, I'm glad it's not just me. Every summer I get so excited about all the fun and nutritious things I am going to do for my daughters and just about this time of year - I am TOTALLY over it! I psych myself up with cute new lunch boxes for the girls - but the excitement never seems to last. This year we are trying the "Lunchopolis" lunch boxes. I do love the fact that they are bag-less. They come with the containers shown below.

The bummer is I am constantly washing them to make sure they are ready to pack in the morning. I guess it is a small price to pay for saving the planet! One treat my girls love is devil eggs. I have found they never travel well - until I starting thinking "Inside the Box"!

I purchased an egg "cuber" years ago and just dug it out at the beginning of the school year. The eggs seem to travel great. No sliding upside-down, and the kids get a kick out of the unconventional shape.

For those of you who have never seen a "Cuber" - it is composed of 4 parts. The Cube, the bottom plate, the top "pusher", and the screw top. As soon as you hard boil an egg, while it is still warm, you peel the shell and put it in the container. Screw the cap on and watch it "Cube up"!

Stick it in the fridge overnight and presto change-o, a square hard boiled egg.
How do you think "Inside the Lunch box"? I would love to have some new ideas for this old chore!


Robin Sue said...

I am a happy girl when I purchase the Sam's club bag of tiny rolls and assorted lunch meats then have a sandwich making marathon. I can make about 36 sandwiches in an hour and freeze them for the next several days. I am a happy girl in the morning until they run out and I have to do it all over again.

Vicki said...

Oh my gosh I have to get a Cuber. I'm totally against "uni-taskers" but I think I have to make an exception.

Leslie said...

OMG..I can not believe I have never seen this gadget! I am off to ebay to find one!!!
Thanks for congrats on my 100th post!!

Prudy said...

I have never ever seen a cuber, but now I really want one. They look so hip and fun. Their lunches look ultra yummy. I wish I could sign up for one. I have to tell you that after I read your profile about The Magic of Ordinary Days, I checked it out at the library. I love it. I'll probably watch it 30 times now myself. I get obsessed with movies and love to have them on as background to my life. I won't even be watching all the time-maybe reading or something but I love to have a good one on. Thanks for the recommendation.

Katie said...

How cool! I pack my own lunch and I am always looking for creative things to jazz it up.

Rindy R said...

Robin Sue - Thanks for the great idea. Never thought about freezing lunch meat!
Vicki - Worth the extra effort!
Leslie - Hope you find one on ebay!
Prudy - So glad you liked the movie - Isn't it the sweetest thing you have ever seen!
Katie - I could definitely see a square egg in that lunch box of yours!