Monday, October 13, 2008

Fall Decorating Idea

Fall is here...and how do I know this? It is this time of year that I constantly dress inappropriately for every outdoor event. At my daughter's cheerleading at 5pm I've dressed in fleece and jeans only to be met with blazing hot bleachers and direct sunlight. At my other daughter's morning Volleyball game I have managed to wear capris and a short sleeve shirt only to be sitting in a gym catching a cold and frost bite. Yes I love the fall - Mother Nature can't make up her mind (just like me)!
One thing I can rely on is my Plastic Pumpkin topiary. He patiently waits in the basement for the opportunity to show his little face for such a brief time. I can always count on "him" to let my neighbors know - Fall is Here!

Construction of this perfect fall decoration is easy. I just purchased 3 graduated plastic pumpkins from my local craft store. The smallest pumpkin gets a hole only in the bottom. The medium and large size pumpkins get holes in the top and bottom.
Insert dowel stick through all three pumpkins while leaving a little excess on the bottom. I hot glued some leaves around each pumpkin, since you are able to see quite a space because of the pumpkins stems.

My dad drilled a small hole in the bottom of the dowel to thread with a wire. He then tied a brick around some string and fixed it to the wire. The topiary is so light. This weight keeps it from flying away in the cold night wind!

I have had two of these pumpkin topiaries for 5 years now. I think they were definitely worth the investment!

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Sabrina said...

That is the cutest thing. I am definitely going to try that. I completely know what you mean by the fall weather. I feel like I need a suitcase in the car with an outfit for every season. So, I can change at a moments notice.