Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Lazy Rindy's Lazy Susan!

Not only am I lazy, apparently I am completely forgetful as well. I was telling Robin Sue, from Big Red Kitchen, that I was going to do a blog on a great tip - using a lazy Susan in your frig. She chuckled and told me she had passed that little tid bit on to me. I knew I had gotten that tip somewhere - well now I know! So for the record - this tip is from Big Red Kitchen!

My kids can barely reach that top shelf of the frig - let alone what is in the back of that shelf. Presto - Fix - o - The installation of the lazy susan! My kids can easily turn the wheel and get their favorite dressing, ketchup, or most importantly - Mommy's cream for her morning coffee! I told you I was lazy ;-)


Prudy said...

Great idea! Thanks for the tip since I have a serious condiment addiction.

larin said...

Hello, this is exciting as I am also a "Rindy." There aren't too many of us, so I just wanted to check out your great site.