Friday, June 5, 2009

Washing Sea Creatures?

Ok - not really, but doesn't it look like I'm whipping up some mysterious octopus pie? They are really shirts for the "Global Race for the Cure" I am walking in this Saturday June 6th, 2009!

This is my third year to walk in this wonderful race. The first year all my girlfriends (plus some lovely hubby's) walked for me, last year we walked for our daughters and Mothers, and this year we are dedicating our walk to a sweet little teacher at my daughter's school - Ms. Chanel! Each year I throw a "Tie Dye" party. By coloring our shirts - it helps us locate our team at the race. The above picture shows our shirts right after we rubber banded them. The below picture shows them in the "Sea Water" for a 45 minute soak.

Here is the table - all ready for our marathon rubber banding! I put out baskets of rubber bands so everyone can reach them easily. The color of our shirts this year is blue - so I put out those little umbrellas they put in drinks - to show everyone the completed color.

Since only about 1/2 the team could make it - we all rubber banded at least 2 shirts a piece. We threatened those who couldn't make it. We told them we would tie dye targets on their chest area! In the end we ended up being very nice!

I just had the ladies do the rubber banding that night - and I tie dyed them the next day. No one really wants to mess up their nice clothes anyway. I returned the completed shirts the next school day. Didn't they turn out great?

Check back Monday for pictures from the big day! Susan G. Komen - Here we come!!!!!


Robin Sue said...

Rindy the shirts look great! I hope you have a good time tomorrow and the weather is nice.

Sabrina said...

They turned out awesome. Have a great walk tomorrow.

noble pig said...

Have a great walk, the shirts turned out beautiful!

finsmom said...

The shirts look fantastic! How cool!

Controlling My Chaos said...

Now I'm even more impressed. I didn't realize that you MADE them. Dang.