Monday, June 1, 2009

A Tussy Mussy for Jensie!

This weekend my youngest had her LAST dance recital EVER! Did you hear me - FOREVER! I am actually doing the happy dance - because my daughter is done with dance! Oh it started how everything else starts - a begging girl pleading with me to LET her do dance, and by the end of the school year me pleading with her to "finish strong and with a smile"! Jensen - or Jensie as we call her - is my one hit wonder. She tries everything once - and then wonders why she ever signed up for it. I don't know who was happier today - her or I? In celebration I made her a Tussy Mussy to give her after her performance. I only used 6 roses for this one - but I have made them in the past with up to 2 dozen! To make -I just take all the leaves off the roses, arrange them to my liking, cut stems to same size and then rubberband them together. I then start with my ribbon at the top, criss cross all the way down and then criss cross all the way up again ending with a big bow at the top. Put a damp paper towel at the bottom of a tall container and rest flowers, at least for a few hours, in container.

This is Jensie doing her best surprised look when I handed it to her - do you think Drama Club is next for us?


Robin Sue said...

Yup drama club is next! Very pretty tussy mussy Rindy. Love how the ribbon matches the flowers perfectly!

noble pig said...

OMG she is absolutely adorable.

Sabrina said...

Ok... she looks like 16 now. She is gorgeous! Yes, I think drama is in your future.

biz319 said...

Ha, love the one hit wonder comment!

I signed up my daughter for dance once - only to discover its really all about buying all the costumes - to the tune of $300 for all the different performances she was in!

And then there was cheerleading - which she thought would be fun to cheer at the games - until we discovered that its all about the competitions!

I was asked to roll her hair the night before a competition in a pony tail. I stuck about 6 pink foam rollers in her hair and off to bed she went.

Only to get the to competition the next day to discover ALL the other girls had 50 tiny curlers in each of their ponytails! The coach actually came up to me and said that she would blame me if we were deducted points for Hannah's hair not being curly enough!

Needless to say, we stuck with softball! :D

Karen said...

Definitely drama next year ;) Cute!