Friday, February 27, 2009

IKEA Field Trip Finds!

Whenever I end up at IKEA two things always happen. I always get my 15 plate meatball meal and I always bring home a car load of these scrumptious morsels! These might be one of my kids' favorite breakfast delights. They are little cinnamon rolls that I heat up in the micro and then make homemade frosting to dip them in. I stock pile them in my freezer and we eat them for months. It is the same approach I take with my Girl Scout cookies. Buy in bulk- they only come around once a year!
I am working on my Thin mints as we speak!

Another product that I saw this time were these yummy french fried onions. Since I got them at IKEA I guess I should call them Swedish fried onions - but whatever the case they are delicious and crunchy and have made a wonderful addition to my Onion pie, mashed potatoes, and salads!

What goodies do you stockpile?


Karen said...

We live 2 hours from the nearest Sam's Club, so I stockpile plenty when we go... salmon, pork roasts, frozen chicken breasts, scallops,cheese. I divvy it all up and use the Seal-a-Meal so nothing goes to waste and we always have the best products in the freezer!

Sheila said...

Great breakfast idea! I love fried onions and any excuse to go to IKEA!