Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Field Trip to IKEA!

The other day I was at my girlfriend Merry's house (the lady on the far right in the above picture) and she was in the process of a total home overhaul. You know the type - you start organizing that pesky junk drawer in your kitchen and 4 hours later every drawer from every desk and dresser has been opened and dumped. Before you know it the kids have to be picked up from school, dinner needs to be made and you realize you are only a quarter of the way done! YIKES! Merry managed to get through everything from top to bottom in about 4 days - but realized she needed some baskets to store some things - IKEA Field Trip to the rescue!
(I will find any excuse to get my $4.99 Swedish meatball platter for lunch!)

Denise, my friend with the incredible cheek bones and amazing sense of humor, stopped in various kitchens they had on display- to do her best impression of Betty Crocker! I would say she is more of a Betty Rocker - but she was hilarious all the same.

Mary, my friend who is a spitting image of Courtney Cox, usually is very quiet with a very dry sense of humor. She was pretty outspoken on this trip and had us all laughing as she was calling out for assistance while laying on this round bed. You can imagine she had no trouble getting someone to help her!

As a breast cancer survivor - boob humor is ALWAYS on the table! Now It looks like you too can have your very own boob humor at your table. I would love to know how these dishes came into existence. Obviously a man with a mother complex designed them. Do you suppose you would put a "D cup" with these plates? Don't even get me started on silverware!

On to what the trip was really get my fix of swedish meatballs. I was so hungry I forgot to take a photo before I blasted through all 15 of these little guys! Looks gross, tastes great! What can I say.

This is sweet little Meredith. She is Merry's daughter. We brought her along purely as a decoy. It works a little something like this. "Of course Meredith you can have the Swedish fish" - I say in a voice loud enough so everyone within a 50 mile radius can hear! I proceed to give her 2 and eat 50. " Of course Meredith you can have the Swedish Chocolate bar" - I say so the old lady 4 aisles over can hear. I proceed to break her off 2 squares and consume the other 8! " Of course Meredith you can have the "Big as your head" Cinnamon roll" -I say so the entire checkout lane can hear. I proceed to break off the outer edge and eat the rest of the Cinna-Head! I LOVED having Meredith along!

Another successful trip to IKEA under our belts! Of course I had to loosen mine - but successful none-the-less!

Where is your favorite field trip with your girlfriends?


Rachael said...

You know how I feel about Ikea! Love those plates...they are great and really funny:-)

I should have added Swedish Fish to my list of Lenten temptations..they are another of my favorite candies!

Looks like you guys had a blast:-)

noble pig said...

I seriously hope you bought those plates! Just awesome.

Robin Sue said...

I haven't been there in ages! I must make a trip sometime. Those plates are so funny, you did get them right?

EAT! said...

Ooooh! I love a trip to Ikea. When my kids were little, it was an outing for us.

I may have to make a trip this week!!