Monday, July 6, 2009

Benton's Boot Camp!

I'm here in the Catskills with my girls for the July 4th holiday. It feels like coming home. I have come to this lake since I was a little girl. I played with the kids in the cabin next door - and my kids play with the kids in the cabin next door. I love having a front row seat to their childhood memories. One of those memories is Gumma's Boot Garden. It started with those industrial looking little black boots second from the right in the picture above. My oldest, Logan, needed some boots to go find worms with Gumpa for fishing. We found those at the local Walmart - and an addiction was born!
Each year we bought, and left, a new pair of "Worm Boots" to the cabin for Logan. Since she is the oldest of the cousins, all the kids now have a pair of worm boots waiting for them to grow into.

A year ago today, I put my blogging boots on - and Kitchen Klique was born! Times flies - for children and blogs!


Robin Sue said...

Happy bloggie birthday. I clicked on the picture of your parents courtyard- BEAUTIFUL!! The boots are very cute and I love the teeny tiny ones! Wellies look so cool to wear- must get me a pair when I muck around my garden.

Sabrina said...

Happy blog birthday. I have had so much fun reading about you and your family's life and all your cooking adventures. I have tried many recipes but by far my favorite is your dad's tomato/bean soup. I think I had it at least 3 times a week this past winter.

noble pig said...

One! Beautiful cabin too!