Wednesday, May 13, 2009

April Showers Bring May Flowers!

It is that time of year again when calendars are crammed full of sports, yard projects, field trips and homework. You find yourself looking for the light at the end of the school tunnel. You know if we as parents feel that - our kids' teachers must REALLY feel it! Every year during Teacher Appreciation week our PTF throws a luncheon to honor our teachers. My sweet little friends, Jennifer and Amanda, were in charge of the luncheon this year, and the teachers loved it. The theme was "April Showers Bring May Flowers". Look at how adorable the centerpieces turned out. She just went to our local gardening store and bought a box-o-flowers.

Around each box she had crushed Oreos for dirt, placed dehydrated mushrooms in the "dirt" as well as gardening tools, gummi worms, plastic toy frogs and snakes. Macadamia nuts made perfect "stones" for the perfect garden centerpiece.

At each place setting was a flowered fly swatter. Jennifer told me she had found them at the Dollar Store just the day before. You couldn't FIND those if you were trying - they were the icing on the cake!

The drink and dessert table had adorable umbrellas and two beautiful flower arrangements to set the mood.

The meal was a huge salad bar. They got great feedback from the teachers and parents. The teachers loved it because we're all trying to fit in the bathing suits in our drawers and the parents loved it because all the volunteers got such easy assigments. One brought in onions, one brought in cucumbers, One brought in bacon.....Easy!

After every dish was done - we all agreed that this menu might have to be repeated! Thanks Jennifer and Amanda for letting me blog about your beautiful luncheon! You two always do everything first class!


Robin Sue said...

You always do such an amazing job! Everything is so creative, lively, and fun!

Karen said...

How creative! Everything looks beautiful. I just love the centerpieces!

noble pig said...

I love those perfect was that! Love the party idea too!

Sabrina said...

Those centerpieces are great. And I love the idea of a salad bar.

Sheila said...

Very cute; the salad is an excellent idea. You could make such a delicious meal, and as you said, it is so easy for the parents to just bring one ingredient.

Kristi said...

What a wonderful treat for the teachers. I am our hospitality chairperson for our PTA and will positively use this idea next year!!!

Thanks for always sharing your ideas - I love them!!!

Aunt Spicy said...

Wow! You guys really did go all out! And well worth it for teachers!

flip flops and pearls said...

OMGosh!! You're so creative! Can you share;) You make me want to plan a party!!

I found you via Roxy (P2C)

Praise God on your health! Prayers to you & your Mom for continued good health!!

Tish Davis said...

Great posts! I will be using your ideas in May and I am also going to do the Rx jars in August.
Thanks so much for sharing!